Who is Your Favorite Athlete? and Why?

Favorite AthleteMany people have a favorite athlete and some more than one. You may have a favorite athlete overall or you might have a favorite athlete in each sport. People even have a favorite athlete of all time.

There are many reasons as to why people choose an athlete over another. Maybe they are the best player on your favorite team or maybe they play the same sport and position as you. No matter the reason your favorite athlete is yours for that reason.

What is your favorite team(s)?

Most of the time a people favorite team is in their home state. There are times however, where this is not the case. Not every state has a baseball, football, hockey, or basketball team. People will then venture out to find another team to root for. People like NCAA teams all over the country for the same reasons or maybe because they or they know someone who went there.

Some people may choose to root for a certain team because of a certain player on that team. This was the case with me. I am from New York, and my favorite teams are the Knicks, Rangers, and Yankees. When it comes to football it is the only sport where I am not a NY fan. I will root for the Jets, but my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. This came about when I was about 8 years old. My cousins lived in Texas and when they came to visit they brought me up a Herschel Walker jersey. I wore it all the time and from there on I was a fan of the Cowboys.

I became a fan of the New York Yankees and the New York Knicks mainly because of my dad. He was a fan since he was a kid. We would watch games on TV and go to the stadium together when I was younger, and we still do today with my boys.

Hockey was not a sport that was watched much in my house. I got into hockey with friends we would play roller hockey every day in the street. I started watching the Rangers and I have been a fan for the past 30 plus years.

I am not really a fan of any one team in college sports. I will usually just watch the big name schools if they are on TV during a tournament or a big game.

Who are your favorite athletes on your favorite teams?

New York Rangers

People have a favorite athlete and some have favorite athletes on all of their favorite teams. I have had several favorite athletes on various teams. Players change mainly due to players retiring, but I still have one favorite overall through the decades.

Growing up watching the New York Yankees my favorite player was Dave Winfield. After Dave Winfield my next favorite player was Mariano Rivera. I think everyone knows of Mariano’s talent and how he was as a person. He was one of the nicest people to meet and I had the chance of doing so at an event in New York City. On the current Yankees team is Gleyber Torres. He can play the field well and he is an excellent hitter.

My favorite player on the New York Knicks when I was younger was Charles Oakley. He was not much of a scorer but his defense and tenacity for the game was like no other. He would battle anyone any night and he always gave his all.

Once the Oakley era ended my favorite player became Allan Houston. After that it was hit or miss with the Knicks. Many players were not long term and there was a lot of turn over. Now I would say as of right now my favorite player is RJ Barrett. He is a young player with a ton of upside. I would love to see RJ take more of a lead role in the Knicks offense going forward.

Even though many people do not follow hockey, I think it is a great sport to watch especially in person. The New York Rangers had many great players over their existence. My favorite player on the Rangers was Brian Leetch. He played defense for the Rangers from 1987-2005. He was a tough smart defender who was also a good offensive player. I was a bit disappointed when he left the Rangers and signed with the rival Boston Bruins.

After Leetch left the Rangers my favorite player became Henrik Lundqvist. When he came into the league he was a fun and exciting goalie to watch. He would make unbelievable saves. Unfortunately he was unable to win a Stanley cup with the Rangers.

The Dallas Cowboys have a long history of great players as do most sport teams. The first player I liked on the team was Herschel Walker. He was an explosive player and a work horse. He was pretty much one man offense for the Cowboys until they traded him in the blockbuster deal to the Minnesota Vikings which basically turned the Cowboys around.

Once Walker was gone my favorite player on the Cowboys became Troy Aikman. Aikman was a good QB and lead the Cowboys to 3 Superbowl victories. Unfortunately a back injury and concussions would end his career early. After Aikman left Jason Witten was the player I chose as my next favorite player. He was a reliable tight end for their offense and became a deadly red zone receiver. Now that he has left for another team I am thinking Michael Gallup might be stepping up as my favorite Dallas Cowboy.

What is your Favorite Sports Player Apparel to Wear?

Dallas Cowboys NFL















There are hundreds of items to wear, use, or just to show off your favorite team or favorite athlete. I have different apparel and items for different teams. I have many shirts and jerseys for my various favorite teams and players. Other items that I also have are items such as BBQ equipment, Christmas decorations, autographed memorabilia, and sports equipment. My favorite player apparel items to wear are Jerseys. I like them because you can wear them anytime and anywhere. It is a form of bringing the fans together.

Have You Ever Not Wanted to Wear Your Team or Athlete Apparel?

I love to go to a sporting event and wear my team’s apparel. However, there have been a few times that I did not feel comfortable wearing it. It is easy to wear your teams gear when you are in their home stadium, but when you venture out to see them somewhere else things can get a little dicey.

Sports fans fighting

I have been in some rival teams stadiums where people were mocked, yelled at, and chanted at for wearing the other teams gear. Most of the time it is all in good fun. Unfortunately I have also witnessed times when people had their apparel ruined. I have seen fights break out and people had their hats, shirts, and even jerseys destroyed.

I always had a jersey for the home crowd and a separate one that I would wear at an away game. The items that I would wear at an away game were usually cheaper versions. I wore these because I did not want to get my expensive items ruined and if they did get ruined I would not care as much.

Where to find apparel?

There are many places to buy team and player apparel. With the use of the internet there are thousands of sites that are selling products some with high quality and some with very poor quality. I find most of my stuff on Amazon.com. There are thousands of items to choose from ranging in price and quality. You will find whatever it is you are looking for to meet your fan apparel needs. Take a look around and see all the different items for yourself.

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