When Will Sports Return?

When the corona virus hit the world of sports came to an abrupt end. Obviously no one expected this to hit and impact the world as it did. One of the biggest questions is when will the sports world return. There are people on both sides of this question. There are those who think sports should not come back until there is a solid solution to the virus. Then there are those who think they should start to play in some capacity, that being in front of no crowd or with a limited crowd to start.

This has impacted the lively hood of many people and not just the athletes. All the workers such as vendors, ticket sales, merchandising ground crews and many more. So obviously they would like sports to come back sooner than later. Even gambling sites and the casinos are hurting since sports not being played.

What sports are playing now?


We have had some sports make a comeback in some capacity.

The UFC has been back at it for a few months now. They started back up on May 9th.

NASCAR returned on May 17th and they have been running races without any crowd attendance.

The Korean Baseball League returned on May 6th and has been televised here in the US.

Horse racing has started up and we recently saw the Belmont Stakes take place on June 20th. They also have the Kentucky Derby scheduled for September 5th and the Preakness Stakes scheduled for October 3rd.

Wrestling has not stopped during all of this. The WWE still shows their Raw, Smackdown, and NXT shows live on TV every week. AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is also still performing their weekly show as well. Although they do not have any fans in the seats yet they are still performing business as usual. It does lose some of its appeal with the empty seats, but for now we will take what we can get.

What Sports Will be Starting Soon?

NBA Knicks

There are many sports where if all goes well will be starting very soon. Some of these sports are:

The Indianapolis 500 was originally scheduled for May 24th, but has a rescheduled date of August 23rd. They will have on-track action with practice sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 12-13. Fast Friday will be on Aug. 14 and then the Indianapolis 500 Qualifications will be on Saturday and Sunday Aug. 15-16. The rest of their races are scheduled through September.

The NBA have agreed on a 22 team playoff format. The scheduled dates are: Training camp: June 30, July 7 travel to Orlando, 2019-20 season: begins July 31 the regular season will be a 16 days with 5 to 6 games per day. The NBA Finals format expected to include games every other day during best-of-seven series.

Some precautions they are looking to take include:

– The players need to be tested every night

– The League is stressing to players that they must remain in Orlando in the bubble.

– They aren’t going to track players, they are going to trust the players to stay within the confines of the Disney World campus. Their goal is to keep everyone in a safe atmosphere.

The MLS owners and players agreed to return in July for a 26-team tournament, but will not have any fans in attendance. Teams that can train in their own market at this point will likely be allowed to conduct full-team training in their home market before traveling to Orlando in early July. Those teams that are located in cities where that is not possible to conduct full-team training will travel to Orlando earlier to train before the games.

The NHL announced a 24 team playoff format to finish up their season that will start no early than July. The 24-team playoff would feature the top 12 teams in each conference, with the remaining teams entering the draft lottery. The league is viewing the play-in qualifying games as a “special set of games” and not the actual playoffs. The also will be tracking the players heath before games.

Tennis canceled Wimbledon but has rescheduled the French Open to September 20-October 4. The US Open is scheduled to open on time August 31st.

Sports That Have no Return Date or Will Not be Returning Soon.

There are also several sports that have not set a return time yet.

College Football does not have any set date to return, but they have also not put a delay on the start of the fall season. In mid-April, conference commissioners told Vice President Mike Pence there would be no college football until campuses are allowed to open back up. There have been some rumors circulating that there will be no D1 sports until 2021. They will asses the situation as it gets closer to the season.

NFL has been very optimistic that they will have their training camps go off without a problem this summer which starts in a bout a month and a half. The NFL is at an advantage given the fact that they are the latest sport to start giving them the most time to make the proper preparations. The bigger situation is that they are trying to figure out the financial cut that both sides could be hit with.

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics have been postponed until July 23 – August 8th 2021. They were originally scheduled to start July 24th 2020. They will still be held in Tokyo.

Breaking News – MLB


MLB has been affected the most by this pandemic. It disrupted the start of the season and every day that passes it is looking like they will not play this year until today! Players are set report for another version of “spring” training on July 1, and the league’s imposed 60-game season will start either July 23 or 24, the league announced. The exact schedule still needs to be made, but every team will play 40 games against divisional foes. Teams need to submit a 60-player rosters for big-league spring training, the list is due to the league office by Sunday at 3 p.m. ET,

MLB will have at least two rule changes this season. One rule is a universal DH meaning pitchers will no longer hit in the National league. Rule two is that a base runner will be placed on second at the start of every half-inning in extras. MLB will have a trade deadline this year after all. Instead of falling on July 31, it’ll will be on August 31st.

MLB will have a COVID-19-specific inactive list that players will be placed on if and when they test positive or show symptoms. There will be no set amount of time for the player to sit out, unlike the injured list, which requires hitters to miss at least 10 days.

In The End

Sports will make a comeback and we are seeing many sports playing and planning as we speak. They are trying to find ways that are going to keep their players, employees, and eventually fans safe and healthy. For now, I would like to just turn on the TV and watch my favorite sports play.

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