What is your favorite sport? and why?

All throughout history people wanted to be entertained. In ancient Rome people would attend the Colosseum and watch gladiator fights, and fights against wild animals. They would also go to the Circus Maximus and watch chariot races. In ancient Greece people would watch plays and listen to poetry. In the middle ages they would watch tournaments where knights and soldiers would battle each other infighting, archery, and jousting tournaments. Kings and noblemen would have Jesters perform for them.

Now people often turn to entertainment in the form of but not limited to books, T.V. shows, movies, music, YouTube, video games, even sports. One of the biggest of these platforms for people have been sports. Sports have been around for thousands of years

How did you get into sports?

Baseball Little league

I am from New York and we have a very strong sports affiliation in all the four major sports. We also host other sports such as The NYCFC soccer team, the US Open in August, and the PGA at Bethpage and Shinnecock on Long Island. The opportunity to go and physically see a game or watch one on TV is highly accessible.

I got into sports mainly because of my father. The first sport that I was interested in probably like many others was baseball. I remember as a little kid going outside and having a catch and hitting a ball off of a tee. I played baseball from then until the end of high school.

Other sports that I got into playing and watching other sports such as basketball and hockey. I was not influenced by my dad but mostly by friends and watching on television. I got into hockey in the mid eighties. My cousins were Islander fans and the Islanders at that time were winning year after year. However, despite this I  grew up to be a Rangers fan.

I have gotten into soccer over the past few years. This is mainly due to my son playing soccer. It is very easy to get into a sport when you have a personal interest in it. Soccer was never a big sport when I was growing up. It has definitely gained momentum in the more recent years.

What sport is your favorite?


When someone asks me what is your favorite sport it is not a simple answer. The reason being there are sports that are my favorite based on different reasons. My favorite sports consist of different reasons such as favorite to watch or play or go to.

My favorite sport to go to is hockey. There is nothing like going to see a hockey game live. Watching it on TV doesn’t do the sport any justice. The energy in the crowd is amazing. With all their chants, singing, and cheering is like non other. The speed at which the players are skating and the speed of the puck gets lost on the television as well. There is nothing like hearing the checking against the boards echoing throughout the arena. Going to a playoff hockey just amplifies the energy.

My favorite sport to watch on TV when I was younger it was baseball however the game has gotten dragged out so much that it is hard to watch at times. Football is now my favorite sport to watch on TV. I have always enjoyed watching football think football has become my favorite because of the emergence of fantasy sports. I find myself watching games that I usually would not care about, and rooting for players on teams that I dislike. It is more than likely that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Are there any sports you don’t like?

There are many people that do not like sports at all and that is perfectly fine. Many people find out from an early age if they like sports or not. Some people start off not liking sports then as they get older they wind up loving them and vice versa. There are many reasons as to why some people do not like a certain sport. These can range from not understanding the game to maybe they had a bad experience playing it.

I really do not have any sports that I hate. There are however, many sports that I do not like to watch. I find it very hard to watch golf and tennis. I have been to live matches and they are just OK to me. When these sports are on TV I find them very hard to watch. I do enjoy going out and play a round of golf. Tennis on the other hand I am not big on playing.

If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?

New York Yankees

There are numerous sports that I wanted to play professionally when I was a child. The one sport I would to have loved to play professionally is baseball. Like I said earlier it was my first sports played and it took me all the way through High school. I would have loved to been able to take it further.

I would have loved to play for the New York Yankees. Having been to many games and feeling the energy inside the stadium as a fan was unbelievable I could only imagine how it is to be a player in that atmosphere. It would have been a dream come true to do something I loved and especially for a team that I loved since I was a kid.

The importance of sports

I think since sports have been eliminated during this pandemic people are feeling the effects. Sports have been proven to have many positive effects on people. They are a way of keeping active, relieving stress, keeping busy, or even as a distraction. Its great for bonding with others I know this was a great way for my dad and I to spend time together. I also have the same with my own children. It is a form of exercise both playing and watching. Sports have also shown that it makes people smarter. When you are watching a sport or playing you are always trying to figure out your opponents next move. This works certain parts of your brain and helps you to comprehend information better and faster. Sports are great at helping kids deal with victory and defeat.

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