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Hello everyone, welcome to My Favorite Athlete Apparel website. Sports has been a passion of mine my entire life. I love to play, go to sporting events, wear my teams attire and even more so the attire of My Favorite Athlete.

I am from New York and sports are a big deal and we have numerous high profile sports teams. It is unique here in that we have two teams for each sport with each one having their own huge and unique fan base. It creates a really good fun rivalry between the fans. Even though there are these high profile sports teams not everyone here is a New York fan myself included.

How I got into sports

I got into sports at a young age mainly because of my dad as I’m sure that is the case with most individuals. My dad was and still is big into sports, most of all the New York Yankees. I started out like most boys my age playing T-ball then moving up the ranks through high school.

Baseball was not the only sport that I played. I also played organized basketball and Dek and roller hockey. These sports were more influenced by my cousins and friends. I wanted to play football but due to my smaller size at a young age my parents were not big on the idea. At the time I was not happy but looking back it was probably for the best.


I created this site to bring sports fans together. I want fans to be able to express themselves in a fun atmosphere. They should have fun going back and forth with each other with friendly banter. Sports have shown to provide people with a sense of belonging and for many they see their team as a “family”. It is a good way for people to meet others who share the same interest and passion while not necessarily agreeing on teams and players.


The purpose of my site is to be able to have sports fans find the best quality apparel to show off their favorite teams and players. There are too many sites out there that promise the best quality and ridiculously low prices. Knowing what we know today it’s very hard to get both. I am trying to supply shoppers with a happy medium.

I have purchased many sports apparel over the years. Some have been long lasting and others were ruined after only a few times being worn. I understand that everyone’s budget is different and that why I want to connect individuals with items that they can afford and will not be a waste of their hard-earned money.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of MyFavoriteAthleteapparel.com


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